Studio Lighting
FALL 2011: The Conceptual Portrait—— 15%

Prints Due: November 1st

Contact Sheets Due: October 13th

Part I: The Staged Body

Due: 1 —Black and White 11”x14” Print
        1 ——13” x 19” Digital Print

Lauren Kelly "Picken"

Lauren Kelly “Picken”

For this part of the assignment create two different conceptually driven and staged portraits or self-portraits which explore/challenge/redefine stereotypes in relation to gender, class or race. You can address any idea you like. One portrait should be printed in black and white and shot on black and white film and the other portrait should be printed in color and shot digitally in color. You should complete 1-2 rolls of black and white film and 2-3 digital contact sheets (24 images per sheet).

Hank Willis Thomas "Branded"

Hank Thomas Willis “Branded”

Part II: Subverting the Message

Due: 1—- 13” x19” Digital Print

For this part of the assignment create an image that subverts the message of an advertisement. Find an advertisement which relies on traditional modes of beauty and perpetuates stereotypes about race, gender or class. Then either re-create the image altering key elements or borrow from it so that you have created your own message. You may alter the image digitally if you like.

Technical Objectives:

Demonstrate Technical Proficiency in the Lighting Studio

Properly expose with both film and digital in the studio

Manage and balance color

Demonstrate advanced black and white printing skills

Demonstrate an awareness of color theory

Explore props and costume in the studio

Demonstrate the ability to reproduce the lighting structure of an advertisement

Conceptual Component/Objectives:

Push the conceptual boundaries of the traditional portrait

Use lighting as a tool to convey content

Consider what it means to “stage” your subject or self based on a concept

Consider identity in relation to gender, race and/or class

Consider how the lighting studio has historically perpetuated steretypes of the gaze

Consider Allen Trachtenburg’s idea that the lighting studio is a “Theater of Desire”

Explore notions of beauty in the context of the readings and the visit of Deborah Willis

Artists to Consider:

Renee Cox

Cindy Sherman

Yinka Shonibare

Yasumasa Morimura  http://www.saatchi

Barbara Kruger

Hank Willis Thomas

Carrie Mae Weems

Cig Harvey

Andres Serrano

Please note:

Since everyone will need access to the studio please use your time effectively and return all equipment to it’s original state. Also, if you are signed up for time and don’t use it please inform your colleagues of the open slot.