FALL 2011: Portraiture
The Traditional Portrait———-15%

Two Portraits –- 1 Black and White (11x14 fiber )
                    — 1 Digital Color (bring the image as a JPEG file on CD.)

Sept. 20th :  3-4 Contact Sheets (black and white and color )

(These are minimum requirements- you are welcome to print more. However, please consider quality over quantity. I will average the grade of all prints. )

For this assignment create two traditional, technically competent and compelling portraits. You should demonstrate an ability to control light and use lighting styles to inform content. Remember the lighting studio takes your subject out of context. Consider what new “context” you will create to record your subjects likeness using lighting, clothing, props, etc.

One of the portraits should be on film and in black and white and one of the portraits should be shot digitally in color. Photograph who ever you believe will be a good collaborator in creating a compelling portrait (try to transcend working only with people in your age group). You can photograph the same person in both bw and color but the images cannot be the same. I would suggest you photograph two different people, one in color and one in bw, for example. However, while shooting in black and white you might choose to also shoot digital simultaneously. No matter how you proceed, we need two different portraits (one shot with film and printed to bw and one digital in color). We will project the color image during critique and save printing for the next assignment. Be creative and think beyond the straight head-shot. Consider depth of field and motion. Remember that technique informs content. (no self-portraits yet please)

Robert Mapplethorpe "Grace Jones"

Robert Mapplethorpe “Grace Jones”

Technical Objectives:

Demonstrate Technical Proficiency in the Lighting Studio

Properly expose with both film and digital in the studio

Manage and balance color

Demonstrate advanced black and white printing skills

Demonstrate an awareness of color theory

Conceptual Component/Objectives:

Demonstrate the ability to convey emotion

Demonstrate the ability to work with your subject to transcend the moment

Use lighting as a tool to convey content

Take risks to create a powerful emotional portrait beyond a traditional head shot

Explore the idea of the psychological portrait

Artists to Consider:

Gertrude Kasebier

Richard Avedon

Irving Penn

Eve Arnold

Fazal Sheikh

Catherine Opie

Annie Leibovitz

Please note:

Since everyone will need access to the studio please use your time effectively and return all equipment to it’s original state. Also, if you are signed up for time and don’t use it please inform your colleagues of the open slot.